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    Your San Francisco Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save Up to $310 Every Year

    Automobile insurance prices in San Francisco average as high $1,483 per year for most drivers. This is about 4% more costly than average prices for San Francisco County. It is 11% more expensive than what other motorists have to pay in California, but still less than the national average.

    How the rates you pay for car insurance in San Francisco, CA are calculated

    Providing insurance means assuming the risk for auto accidents and injuries. Calculating these risks takes a number of factors into consideration. Some of these factors, like being a safe driver, are under the control of the insured. Other items, such as the auto theft rate and population are beyond an individual’s control. Other elements include:

    • Location — Big cities are great for many things. Owning and driving a car is not one of those things. Having more autos means more risk of accidents. Big cities are also generally more expensive for repairs. These factors add to insurance costs. The population of San Francisco is 805,235 as of 2010. This results in a very high population density of 17,245 residents per square mile.
    • Driving To Work — Driving for a long commute in rush hour is a factor in higher insurance rates. An increased risk of accidents requires rates that cover that risk. San Francisco reports an average commute time of approximately thirty minutes. A total of 4.8 fatal accidents per 100,000 people was reported for 2010.
    • Auto Thefts — Big cities attract auto thieves because there is such a selection of cars to steal. Your car insurance rates will be affected by overall theft rates and whether or not the model you drive is a popular choice for thieves. In San Francisco, there were 4,134 cars stolen during 2010.
    • Education — Industry experience tells insurance providers that losses decline with higher levels of education. They evaluate both the driver and the community for educational levels. San Francisco reports that over 34% of residents have an undergraduate degree, a level which is above average for California. The 12% of the population that has a high school diploma is slightly above average for the state.

    The car insurance San Francisco drivers choose is a combination of price and quality of the insurance provider. The process of selecting the best choice doesn’t have to be difficult. Websites such as Californiacarinsuranceca.com have done the work to compare all the options. By entering a couple of items into the quote widget below you can get free quotes immediately.

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