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    Do you hate shopping for car insurance; filling out the same information over and over again for the seemingly endless quote forms? Or maybe you are a first-time buyer, and are looking for some of the most valuable information on the web. Well, look no further. Here at Californiacarinsuranceca.com, we offer the cheap car insurance San Diego needs as well as telling you some of the ways other insurance companies will judge your ability to be insured. Simply enter some information in the ‘quote’ box on this page, and you will be well on your way to cheap auto insurance.

    Average San Diego Car Insurance Quotes: Save Money With Us!

    San Diego is actually one of the cheaper places in California to insure a vehicle, being right along side the average price for San Diego County and lower than the average California rate. However, their average of $1,318 a year is still quite a lot of money, even at a seven percent lower rate than the rest of the state.

    Things That Factor: Understanding Why Car Insurance San Diego Rates Vary

    Just as anywhere else, car insurance quotes in San Diego vary according to a number of different things. In California, one of the most common insurance raisers is the make and model of your car. Things like accident history, age, gender, and credit score are going to have some effect, as will the simple color of your car. There are, however, four things that are huge factors in price. They are:

    • Location: Common sense says that the more people on the road, the bigger chance of an accident and the higher the insurance rates. Well, this is certainly true for San Diego. As of 2010, the city had a population of 1,307,402 people, with 4031 of them packed into each square mile.
    • Driving To Work: Rush hour in California is something that is mocked, feared, and televised all over the nation. Hardly a day goes by when some late night talk show or celebrity isn’t expounding on the difficulties of getting down the major interstates when they are congested and clogged with people either going to or coming from work. For this reason, insurance rates are often higher when the driver must be on the road during these hours. Conversely, rates can be lowered significantly when the driver works odd, or non-peak hours. Average travel time to work in San Diego, CA is twenty minutes, and there were about six fatal accidents per 100,000 people.
    • Auto Theft: In every insurance agent’s office is a list of the most commonly stolen vehicle makes and models. If your car happens to be on this list, or is full of after-market parts that are often easily stolen and re-sold, your rates are very likely to be higher than someone driving a different kind of vehicle or one that hasn’t been modified. On the other hand, an anti-theft device is quite often a reason to receive a discount on your insurance. Aside from that, though, an anti-theft device is a wonderful deterrent so you don’t end up one of the 6,259 people who had their car stolen in 2011.
    • Education: Along with education comes wisdom, or at least that’s the theory behind the next statistic. Drivers who have attained higher education are often charged less on their auto insurance. 17% of drivers in San Diego have a high school diploma or the equivalent, which is about 3% lower than the state average. 22% have a bachelor’s degree, though, which is about 4% higher than the state average.

    So if you find yourself in need of cheap San Diego car insurance, come visit us at Californiacarinsuranceca.com, and simply provide us with your area code in the ‘quote’ box. After you have filled in a couple of blanks for us, we will provide you with a reasonable auto insurance quote.

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